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Angara Oval Amethyst Ring with Matching Diamond Wedding Band in White Gold b0MkIyTV
Angara Oval Amethyst Ring with Matching Diamond Wedding Band in White Gold
We provide women in underprivileged populations with powerful new tools to increase their earning power and gain a voice in their families and communities.

There were still Gaydamak Ays ring UK I 1/2 US 4 1/2 EU 48 1/2 QEM4bHlOHM
people with grandmothered plans in the individual market in Colorado in 2015, and all of them had to select new coverage for 2016, as grandmothered plans terminated at the end of 2015 in Colorado. There were also 82,000 people with CO-OP (Colorado HealthOP) plans who had to pick new plans for 2016, as the CO-OP shut down at the end of December.

All of these individuals had until the end of February to enroll in a new plan, as loss of coverage is a qualifying event that triggers a special enrollment period (SEP) that extends for 60 days after the loss of coverage. The special enrollment period also applied to former Health Access Colorado members (New Health Ventures), people who lost Time/Assurant plans, and people who lost Rocky Mountain Health Plans coverage (RMHP is still available in Colorado, but with a smaller service area than they had in 2015).

64,000 of the 82,000 people who had CO-OP plans in 2015 had their coverage through the exchange. As of early January, Connect for Health Colorado reported that only about 25,000 of those people had enrolled in new coverage through the exchange for 2016. The other 39,000 were either uninsured in January or had selected coverage outside the exchange. Colorado HealthOP had by far the lowest premiums in most areas of Colorado in 2015, and particularly for enrollees who don’t receive premium subsidies, the switch to a different carrier meant a sharp increase in premiums for 2016 (in hindsight, the low premiums and generous benefits that the CO-OP offered were Angara Three Stone EmeraldCut Amethyst Ring in Yellow Gold BDFHrI
, but that’s little consolation to the people who must pay significantly more to maintain health insurance coverage this year).

The exchange worked to enroll more of the former CO-OP members during the special enrollment period that extended through the end of February. Ultimately, enrollment in QHPs grew by almost 12,000 people during February.

Colorado has significant disparity in terms of healthcare costs – and thus health insurance premiums – from one area of the state to another. Rates in the mountain areas of the state are far higher than rates along the I-25 corridor, and although subsidies make coverage affordable for people who are eligible, there’s no assistance for someone earning more than 400 percent of the poverty level.

As an example, a 59-year old in Pagosa Springs who earns $50,000/year would have to pay $893/month (21 percent of her income) for the least expensive bronze plan available in the exchange in 2017, and is ineligible for any premium subsidies to make the coverage more affordable (note that if she earned $48,000, she would be eligible for $723/month in premium subsidies ; the subsidy cliff is most significant for older applicants in areas where health insurance is expensive). She would be exempt from the ACA’s penalty for being uninsured, and would also have access to slightly less-expensive catastrophic plans, but there’s no reasonably-priced health insurance option in this hypothetical case.

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Enlist the help of your local butcher to shop and eat smarter.


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You know that guy with the black butcher's apron and the trendy bacon tattoo on his forearm? He can actually help you eat greener and more budget-friendly.Meat is shifting away from the center of the plate, but the meat that remains can be found in 'new' and sustainable cuts. A butcher — be it the old-school gent who's been in the neighborhood for decades, the trendy gal or guy with their own shop, or someone at your local supermarket — is happy to help you get the most for your money at the meat counter by sharing their wisdom.

"I realize the idea of cooking nose-to-tail may seem a bit out of the home-cook's league, but believe me, it's not," says Chris Bolyard of in St. Louis. "One of my favorite cuts is beef neck. It's super flavorful; and after a long braise or time in the slow cooker, it becomes succulent and moist." Because many butchers receive whole animals, ask them which cuts are less-popular and thus less-expensive. A few beef cuts to look for include: steaks called Denver, hanger, chuck or flap, also top and bottom round roasts, and anything from the shank or shin. Whole chickens and turkeys are also good buys. (Keep reading for pork.)

Butchers often source from farms in your area. They have connections and are usually happy to share contact information if you want to purchase sides, quarters, or half animals. Bolyard says he like to help customers and farmers connect to form cost-effective relationships, for both sides.

By choosing more flavor-intense meats, you can get more bang for your buck, by using less. "All lamb is pasture-raised, so it has more flavor," says Kristopher Doll of in New Orleans. "Some people who haven't eaten lamb in a while find they really enjoy the sweet-rich flavor of today's tender lamb cuts. It shines in spicy dishes like curries or a pot of chili, where other meat may be overshadowed."

Budget-friendly pork cuts make tasty sausages. Bolyard recommends less-expensive pork jowls, or any meat found on the head or cheek. Think sausage making is out of your league? Check around for local charcuterie classes. Boyard's Meats offers classes for beginners, and even a conversation with one of their so-called "meat-heads" behind the counter will get you their basic bacon recipe.


There are only two northern white rhinos left in the world, yet recent breakthroughs by reproductive...

4 Jul 2018

IVF Success Put Scientists One Step Closer To Saving The Northern White Rhino


Two African penguins were filmed adorably holding hands on a beach in South Africa....


When doggy chums have a spat, they’re not very good at making up. In fact, despite having more fight...


Japanese officials have announced they plan to seek approval by the International Whaling Commission...

Plants and Animals

We wonder how the beetle's brain processes all this extra visual information. Eduardo Zattara/IU Bloomington

Blue Nile Petite Ruby and Diamond Pave Huggie Hoop Earrings in 14k White Gold 19mm Zaj1P4W9S
15 Nov 2017, 15:22

We don’t know about you, but we’re always quite excited by any news story that starts with the phrase “scientists have accidentally created” – it’s either going to be something incredible or it’ll be the future plot of a Hollywood movie.

The latest accident features the use of some very quirky genetic manipulation. Courtesy of Indiana University (IU), we now have beetles with functional third eyes. As pointed out by a rather marvelous press release by the university, this may make people think of the Three-Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. This beetle isn’t likely to be a clairvoyant, but it's certain to provide a glimpse into the future of evolutionary biology.

Blue Nile Wheat Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver U2bvspy

To be fair, it was a little while back that IU scientists, fiddling with this beetle’s genes, accidentally led to one developing a third eye. This time around, they’ve intentionally been conducting their genetic alchemy on beetles, and have now purposefully provoked it to pop out its third peephole.


As emphasized by the team, there's no single “gene” that influences the development of the eyes. Plenty work in unison to produce complex effects, and sometimes altering one can have unintended consequences elsewhere.

This means that finding out how to intentionally trigger the appearance of a third eye in the center of the beetle’s forehead isn’t as simple as finding an on-off switch. Saying all that, however, the team discovered that the silencing of just one single gene led to the fusion of two sets of extra eyes.

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The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is one of the most difficult–and dangerous–boat races in the world. In 1998, skipper Ed Psaltis won the race with the smallest winning boat in a decade. How? Positive thinking played a big part.

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Competing in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race–one of the most dangerous offshore ocean races in history– Angara Vintage Style Double Halo Oval Rose Quartz Ring MPhxuP
. The went on to become the overall winner of the race–the smallest boat in 10 years to win the prestigious Tattersall’s Cup.


How did they do it? What enabled the Midnight Rambler team to prevail against all odds? And what can your team learn from their experience?

One of the keys to the Rambler’s success was their unshakable optimism.

Over the course of a long race, sailors will inevitably encounter setbacks. In an instant, a boat can go from leading the fleet to lagging behind. A major reversal can easily discourage the crew and, left unchecked, can deplete the crew’s energy. Worse yet, this weakened performance can quickly turn into a downward spiral. Ed Psaltis notes:

The issue of optimism is a critical aspect of the Hobart race. As in any sporting endeavor, people get tired–both physically and mentally. If you haven’t got that spark–something to aim for, some good news to keep in the back of your mind–the team can get demoralized very quickly. When that happens we’re not performing at our best. You have to stay embedded in reality, but I try to keep a positive outlook, because that keeps the crew going when they’re cold and hungry and tired. We won’t win every race, but if we’ve got a chance of beating our arch rival, we’ll keep at it.

A team that aspires to triumph at The Edge needs to first decide what it means to win. If the goal is winning a race and taking home the trophy–literally or metaphorically–then the team can align around that goal. Alternatively, a team might choose to try to be first in their division–roughly equivalent to competing with teams and organizations of their own size. And if the goal is purely to enjoy the mateship of the journey, then the challenge is defined differently. The only requirement is that the crew complete the race safely and without injury.

inRead invented by Teads

A boat named Rosebud has won a number of major ocean races including the Sydney to Hobart, the Newport to Bermuda, and the Transpacific from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Malcolm Park, a watch captain who played a key role in the boat’s design, spoke about the secret of Rosebud ‘s success:

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